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Off the Dome: The Austin Freestyle Podcast

Oct 27, 2017

RUN THE FOOLS are joined by comedian, rapper, and podcast host Pat Sirois aka Peezy to wax nostalgic about humble beginnings, growing up in Texas, and Houston rap origins. And you know they got bars.

"Tech Support"


Oct 20, 2017

RUN THE FOOLS sits down to chat-and-freestyle about getting their cars fixed, recent Trump shenanigans, mass shootings, and religion.

"7th Grade"


Oct 6, 2017

RUN THE FOOLS welcomes their first guest to the podcast: Quinn Buckner aka BUCKWILD. CREAMR and TNASTY ask him about home ownership, Lil Dicky, the NFL, Syria, and throwing up in boxes.

"Vomit in a Box"

"Faded on Coding"

"I Like to...