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Off the Dome: The Austin Freestyle Podcast

Nov 24, 2017

Join RUN THE FOOLS for a little bit of chat and a lot of rhymes. This is basically one of our hangouts / rehearsals where we goof around and try to make each other laugh rapping over beats. Happy Thanksgiving! To our non-American listeners, Happy Random-Day-in-November!

"Real Eyes Realize Real...

Nov 19, 2017

RUN THE FOOLS are on their own this week to delve into metaphysics and rap about it. They chat about Kanye West, fan mail, and what happens we we get hurt and/or die.


"Old Friends"


Nov 3, 2017

RUN THE FOOLS snags special guest and hilarious comedian Yusef Roach (aka BLACK ROACH) a week before his move to L.A. The three of them discuss comedy, race, and the taboos surrounding porn.