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Off the Dome: The Austin Freestyle Podcast

Jul 29, 2018

Just RUN THE FOOLS this week, and CREAMR and T-NASTY get into it. CREAMR has the realization that he's probably been dealing with undiagnosed depression for a couple years, and they spend most of the episode unpacking that. Ending with a nice, palate-cleansing pair of back-to-back songs.

"DruNk" --- 

Jul 14, 2018

OFF THE DOME joins forces with GENDER FLUIDS this week! CREAMR and T-NASTY are joined by Arielle Norman and Austin Smartt of the Gender Fluids podcast for a cross-over ep. We take them out of their comfort zone by getting them to freestyle rap, and they take us out of our comfort zone by talking about period sex and...